• Software Enhancements & Add-Ons

  • What is Web Services?

    WAM Web Services includes a whole package of internet-based features. Charging credit cards in WAM, allowing your customers to view their account and make payments on your website, sending mass emailing, placing a bulk phone call job with a pre-recorded message to your customers... these are just a few of the features that are part of Web Services. Contact Tech Support for more information, or a short demonstration of how these features work.
    CLICK HERE to view the Information Packet on Web Services, you'll see detailed informaiton and pricing.

  • Web Bills (online PDF billing)

    Online billing is the new standard which has replaced mailing invoices over the years. In many areas, cusotmers demand electronic billing. With the added benifits of 'going green' and drastically reducing your billing costs, WAM is happy to offer Web Bills. Upload PDF copies of bills to your website where your customers can securely log in, view, and print their bills. Additionally you can mass email your customers to let them know their online bill is availalbe. Further, once the customer views their bill online, they can make an instant credit card or check payment to you as well.

  • What is the Prospect / Sales system?

    The Prospect System is a seperate account screen within the WAM program which allows you to track your prospective customers. You can keep track of information such as which hauler they are currently with, the price they pay, when their contract expires, the service and pricing that you quoted the customers, and more. Once the prospect becomes a customer, click one button to have the account automatically added in the Customer area of WAM.

  • Can I see our company stats in real-time?

    Yes! The WAM Stat Display System is one of our favorites in the WAM Software Offices! On a tablet, or wall mounted TV, see a real-time view of your company statistics such as how many open dispatches are scheduled for the day, any unread messages - by employee, month-to-date revenue or new accounts. There are many, many options of what information can be displayed.

  • How can I get more users in the system?
  • Can I access WAM remotely from out of the office?
  • Does WAM work with in-truck tablet computers?

    Yes. Contact Tech Support for the current options we have with Handheld systems. It's good to have paperless route sheets!

  • Does WAM have software for our Landfill or Transfer Station?

    Yes! WAM-Scale is a program designed for landfills, transfer stations, MRF, and recycle centers. WAM-Scale takes care of weighing incoming and outgoing vehicles, printing tickets, comodity tracking, billing, and more. Plus, if you have WAM-Hauler, they even interface together. If your company has a facility that could benefit from WAM-Scale, contact our Sales Department at 800-926-4748 for pricing and information.

  • Is there a faster way to enter batch payments?

    The fastest method of batch payment entry is done with a handheld barcode scanner. With account information printed as a barcode on your invoice payment remittance stubs, simply scan the barcode, verify the amount, and scan the next one. 100 payments could be entered in less than two minutes!

  • How do I ensure our data is safely backed up?

    WAM's Cloud Backup service is the answer! Your data will be securely backed up and saved off site, automatically every night. Not just WAM data, we can also take care of your documents, spreadsheets, Quickbooks file, photos, and more.

  • Is there an appointment & task reminder in WAM?
  • How do I accept check payments over the phone?

    If a customer provides you their banking routing# and account#, and you have check blanks, you can simply print a physical check for the customer - the same as if they had mailed it, and you can deposit it to your bank with the rest of your checks. Easy as that! As you need is check blank paper, which you can order here.

  • Support / Customer Service / Training

  • How do I contact Tech Support?

    WAM Software Tech Support is open Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays, 7am - 4pm(PST). You can call at 775-322-7331 or use the email contact form.

  • Can I request a custom report?
  • How do I do specific functions in the program?

    There is a Functional Help document on most common feature how-tos in WAM. To access these documents, from the Master Menu, simply click Help > Functional at the top of your screen. For anything else, just contact Tech.

  • Can I give a suggestion, compliment, or speak with a manager?

    Please do! We love to hear from our clients. Suggestions to the software are how we constantly improve the system. Compliments and praise to our hard working employees is always appreciated. Expressing an issue or a little tough love is good too, that's how our Managers know what is going on, and we strive to be the best we can be. Click Here to send us this type of message.

  • What types of training are availalbe?

    We offer one-on-one phone training with your designated WAM administrator(s), and online Training Webinars. Additionally, for a cost of $2,800 per day, with a 3-day minimum, we can send a certified WAM Expert Trainer to your office to streamline your operations and ensure you are using WAM to it's fullest capability.

  • What is the System Admin policy?

    The Functional Help 'Administrator Duties' describes the manner in which we provide Tech Support. The Owner of your company should designate one or two WAM Admins to be the main go-to people in your office for employee questions. These are also the only designated people who are able to contact WAM Tech Support with questions or requests.

  • Can I get a list of shortcut keys?

    Absolutely! They're great to help you get things done faster. Just click here and downlaod it.

  • Finance / Accounting

  • What is our bill for?

    Typically we mail invoices for Technical Support services, Licensed User Increases, Programming Department charges, and Web Services subscriptions. There is a description of the charge(s) in the body of the bill, but if you have specific questions, or are unsure what the service is, please contact our Finance Department at 775-322-7528.

  • How do I make a payment?

    Payments can be made by mail to the address on your invoice. Payments can also be made via credit card in the payment portal on our website. Additionally you can write out a check and email or fax a copy of it and we will process it electronically.

  • Are different billing options available?

    It depends on the service.
    Web Service Subscriptions are billed annually, for the calendar year. Web Service subscriptions can also be paid monthly via automatic credit card charge.
    Technical Support (Supreme Service) can be invoiced quarterly or annually, with annual payments made by the due date being eligible for a 10% discount. Additionally, monthly automatic credit card or checking account debits are available as well.
    Web Service jobs (mass emailing, Web Bills, Call Center, etc.) require a credit card or checking account on file, and any time those services incur a charge, it is automatically charged to your account on a weekly basis.
    Contact our Finance Department at 775.322.7528 with questions or to change your billing cycle or payment type.

  • Web Services

  • What is the pricing of Web Services jobs?

    Many functions are included with your subscription to Web Services, while some functions incur additional cost. View the details of options and pricing HERE.

  • What can I do with Web Services?

    Web Services encompasses many features, from bulk or individual credit card processing, to automated phone calls for reminders or service delay notifications, to PDF web billing with email notification, and more. Web Services is a vital package for the WAM systems which allows you to save money, go green, be efficient, and service your customers the way they need.
    Common tasks done with web services are mass emailing late notices and invoices, mass text messaging or phone calling to inform of service delays or revised pickup schedules, recurring credit card charging, customer account lookup on your website, and more. These functions save an enormous amount of time and money over the old fashioned method of mailing notices and bills.
    See how much you can save with the Call Center, Email Center, or Web Bills with our Cost/Savings Calculators.
    See an informational pack with details and pricing HERE.

  • Hardware & I/T

  • What type of computer do I need for WAM?

    Computer hardware specifications and Windows versions are constantly changing. As a general rule, your computer (laptop or desktop) must run a version of Windows which is actively supported by Microsoft. The hardware specs of your computer, server, and network can vary greatly based on the size of your company as well as what other programs you run. For a small-medium sized office, any Windows computer that you would purchase at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or online from a vendor such as Dell or HP for around $500 would be more than enough to run WAM. We suggest that you stick with at least the amount of memory (RAM) that Microsoft suggests for the specific version of Windows on your computer. Upgrades such as additional memory and solid state drives are great if they are in your budget, but as far as WAM is concerned, they aren't needed for our software. Hardwired network connections are important. WiFi is not stable or reliable enough for a program with important functions (such as your billing). If you are shopping for new computers or network components, feel free to send us a copy of the specs or a quote and we'll review the options for you.

  • How does Remote Access work with WAM?

    Remote Access to WAM utilizes a secure connection from your computer to the server (whether the server is in your office, in the cloud, or at a remote office location). A specific port# will be designated by WAM, which needs to be open on the server. The remote users initiate the connection by simply double-clicking their WAM icon, and the WAM program opens without any third part software or connections needed. The server does require a static IP address, or a domain name.

  • Are there special network requirements?

    We do require hardwired network connections, as opposed to WiFi, when it comes to setting up a multi-user network within an office. If your server is in your office, as opposed to in the cloud, a dedicated server is required for WAM systems of 3-user or more. Your server and workstations must all run a currently supported version of Microsoft Windows. Gigabit networking and at least the recommended amount of memory (RAM) on each computer is encouraged.

  • What version of Windows does WAM need?

    Any recent (full) version of Windows is supported by WAM. 'Full' version means not a mobile version. Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 for example are great. The version of Windows must be currently supported by Microsoft to be considered stable, secure, and workable. For example, even though Windows XP may still run on your computer, when Microsoft stopped support it a number of years ago, and stopped releasing security patches, it was considered extinct at that point and not recommended.

  • Can I access WAM on a tablet or phone?

    Not a phone, but a tablet or laptop that runs a full (non-mobile) version of Windows can access WAM if it is on your LAN, or by utilizing WAM remote licenses. WAM Remotes require an internet connection to access the program.

  • Can WAM run from a cloud server?

    Absolutely! More and more companies are moving their server to the cloud. Note that the cloud server must run a currently supported full version of Windows, have a static IP or DNS, have open ports, and utilize WAM Remote licenses. We don't recomend trying to set up a cloud server for novice users, unless you have a knowledgable I/T heading up the project. Hosted cloud server companies such as AWS, GoDaddy, and RackSpace are common, but the set up and maintenance procedures can be complicated.

  • What files should I be backing up?

    Fantastic question! We cannot stress the importance of a reliable and automatic backup enough! WAM's Cloud Backup service is automatic, will do all of your important files (not just WAM), and we regularly monitor your backups for you to ensure they are successful.
    If you want to manage your own backup solution, that's fine, but please ensure it is thorough, offsite, working regularly, and there are failsafes in place.

    Regarding which files to back up; any file on your network/server shared drive(s) that starts with "WAM". Common folder names would be WAM.32, WAM.EZ, WAM.L2, WAM-IN, WAM-EX, WAMBKUP, etc. Feel free to contact Tech Support to double-check that all of the correct folders and files are being backed up.